Emsculpt is a non-invasive body sculpting procedure that uses high-intensity focused
electromagnetic fields (HIFEM) to build muscle tone and reduce unwanted fat at the same time.
Emsculpt is the only procedure to help people build muscle and burn fat at the same time by
targeting both fat and muscle, while most other body contouring treatments simply targeting
unwanted fat.

The process of Emsculpt works by directing highly focused electromagnetic energy on
the target area, causing muscles to contract 20,000 times in 30 minutes which is not possible
through exercise. The process builds muscle tissue just like exercising but to a much greater
extent. In response to these contractions, the muscle reconstructs itself, and fat in the area
begins to melt away more easily.

Each Emsculpt session takes about 30 minutes for one specific area of the body. A series
of Emsculpt sessions could develop muscle mass on the target area up to 16% and reduce fat
by up to 15% on top of the muscle building. The positive results are generally reported two to
four weeks after the final session and continue to improve for several weeks following the
treatments. The procedure is non-invasive, so the patients do not need pre/post treatment
preparation or downtime after the treatment.

You may feel little pain after treatment. Rarely, people have said they actually feel
exhausted like they just finished a intense workout. There may be mild muscle fatigue after the
session. Normally, patients can get back to their daily routine immediately the treatment.
Emsculpt is not a treatment for weight loss. It works best for people who already have a
BMI under 30 or are already in good shape and serves as an additional treatment option. This
procedure should not be used by anyone who has metal or electronics in their bodies because
these could interfere with the magnetic waves. Emsculpt is also not safe during pregnancy, but
it can be used after pregnancy to improve diastasis recti—the partial or complete separation
experienced by about two-thirds of pregnant women.

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